Saturday, September 02, 2006

since i've been gone...

...I've been to Russia, started graduate school, moved to another state, and more and more. But here is some more wicked awesome stuff.

I don't know why I persist in thinking of myself as someone who wears skirts. In the chaos that is my head, however, I would toooootally wear a simple white skirt like this. Oh, tomorrow is labor day? Oh what a SHAME. Now I can't be PRETTY.

Before UNC, light blue = pretty and flattering. Now light blue = GO TAR HEELS!

This is a lovely dress.

But this one is sort of funny and dorky... I'd hit it.

Henly? +. Gray? +. Super soft? +++++++++++!

But seriously, what I need is MORE GRAY PANTS.

Especially if they have an awkward crotch flap.

For these pants, I would pretend to like my douchey professor for the rest of the semester.

No, but seriously, how hot would I look with a suspender skirt? It's like porn on PCP!

Nice nice, very nice.

I love jackets. I love jackets.

This is a "b-ball sweatshirt". Right? So that I can sit in my chair but I will have such STYLE... and only $140. But no, I love it deeply, I just laugh at myself... and b-ball. Then again, Michael Jordan = former Tar Heel, I = current Tar Heel, therefore I should own this.

Here's the thing. This is called an "early riser robe." Fleece-lined cotton. If I buy this robe I will be warm, AND I WILL GET UP EARLY. I need this robe.

I am so wicked sweet, you guys.

OK, so this, this is a onesy. (Onesie?)

If you understand this coat... then you understand me!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Just a taste to keep things rolling.

Monday, April 17, 2006

so cute.

Sunday, April 02, 2006


More, more, more

This would be great for teaching

These beautiful Louboutin shoes have turned their back on me, but I will never turn my back on them.

Now, this is decadent. These cashmere travel slippers from Christian Louboutin would make any airport seem like a wonderland for only $339

I need like a hundred simple cashmere cable-knit sweaters sort of like this. They should hit about an inch below the hip, fit my waist, have a medium neck (between round and boat), be warm yet thin, and come in the following colors:
charcoal, baby blue, soft gray-green, snow white, lavender.

This shirt is special because it fits right.

I have a soft spot for Zac Posen.

spring is here...

It's been a while, and that seems to be the norm, so on with the parade! If I won the lottery, I would buy, among other things...

This cute shirt, perfect for layering and for being polkadotty.

This shirt for wearing under a partially-zipped hoodie.

This bag for being awesome.

This for Jessica. She rocks the having a long slim waist.

These delightful summer shoes.

This dress has a fantastic shape. Ignore the model's odd pose.


OK, now here comes a whole progression of Marc Jacobs. On a roll.

This is a lovely necklace.

I'm a sucker for anything that wants to be layered.

Gold! Shiny!

Oh man, just try to resist anyone wearing these.

I love square necks to the point of ignoring the lack of fit here. Layering!

Cargo pants are good for summer.

So are darling little flat-front shorts.

This is described as perfect picnic-wear because... it is.


I'm so pure.

Pure, but a little naughty.



Hot like salsa!

You can see the shape better in red but I would buy in black.

Friday, March 10, 2006

long time no post.

Things I would wear to work and how much they would cost as a percentage of my monthly earnings:

1. This cool brass-and-pearl necklace is just right: classy enough for an upscale salon, and simple enough that it would also look good with jeans and a black t.

cost: $128

2. I don't just like this because it's called the geometry necklace. I think it would hit my collarbones just right.

cost: $128

3. This white skirt would be terrific for the summer. I could wear it with just about anything.

cost: $88

4. A great fit, and white is very fresh and spring-y.

cost: $48

5. If the spring accent color were green, I would bust this baby out five days a week. It would be like being in a meadow.

cost: $118

6. I admit to being troubled by the elastic waistband, but this skirt has enormous potential.

cost: $148

7. Much better: a side zip. Good, simple, hangs well.

cost: $118

Total: more than half of my monthly income. I could buy all of these things, pay rent, and eat one meal!